The LMM Process

Projects and Change

The inherent nature of projects is that they bring about something new, resulting in change for both individuals and organizations, illustrated in the LMM Project Benefits Realized™ flow.

LMM Project Process Projects Lead to Change which Results in Benefits


Project Approach

Project Management principles are designed for individuals to lead projects to a successful completion. Those projects that result in significant change in an organization should be designed to align Project Management processes with Change Management activities.  This is the approach that LMM Project uses to deliver integrated Project and Change Management services.

LMM Project Benefits Realized Graphic

Aligning Project Management and Change Management to Realize Benefits


Change Management

During times of change, there is impact on people and organizations. This impact, along with the required transition process, will result in increased benefit realization, when there is careful planning including follow-up activity.

Stakeholder engagement, targeted communication and a variety of training efforts are among the many change management activities designed to help individuals and organizations transition from current processes to new ones.  Coupling planning with change management tools can help an organization manage the transition successfully, while on-going activities continue to take place.

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